The Biz eXpress’s Four Areas of Expertise

Today’s businesses need much more than just a pretty website. Even those who have been established for years are being forced to have a much better presence on the Internet. In order to do this effectively, they have to fork out thousands of dollars to get what they want and then even more to keep it updated. The Biz eXpress has come to their rescue. We provide the “same” services and even more for a lot less and get our clients well into the game without requiring or drastically affecting a businesses cash flow or marketing budget. We do this by providing sound and secure areas of expertise that when out together, save you money, time, and creates revenue maximization.

Responsive Design

This process allows you to distribute to multiple devices efficiently and easily.

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Awesome Online Business Management

This system reduces ongoing costs utilizing a platform supported by one of the leading companies in the design, development and Internet industries.

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Internet Marketing

A complete solution that takes your online campaign and puts it on steroids, maximizing your marketing budget, and revenue at the same time.

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Website Optimization

Ensuring that your web presence is optimum at all times; even if it needs to be adjusted because of new trends, technology, and user experience.

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Our Other Services

Our additional service offerings allow each one of our clients to expand their knowledge and reach into their respective markets. It also allows them to easily increase their promotion capabilities and acquire new clients in additional vertical and horizontal markets as well.

We teach clients how to determine their company strengths. What is the story they need to tell their prospective clients? How is their story going to meet the needs and effectively solve the needs of their clients? We teach them how to use BrandExpression to convey their message easily and effectively.

  • Determining what and how to express your brand…
  • Knowing how to identify the key points and get others to communicate it too…

Is your plate empty with ideas on how to create new clients? You have an answer, go where most of your clients are and market to them through mobile marketing. Almost everyone has a mobile device of some kind. They respond much quicker and are less inhibited than they are with their email accounts.

Take them on a journey into the digital world. Tablets and smart phones are being created today to cater to this type of media, so give it to them. Develop iPad and iPhone digital apps, magazines, and promo material to capture them and drive them to your door!

Why Choose Us?

  • Quick & Easy Solutions for start-up or small businesses.
  • Economical online campaigns designed for effectiveness, and high profit.
  • Custom design capabilities for any type of project.
  • Seasoned Internet Marketing professionals.
  • Video, animation, and other digital media resources in one shop.
  • Years of experience in event, entertainment, education, small business, and eCommerce online campaign development.
  • Online Business Console supported by Adobe, a leading technology provider globally.

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